Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Item Serialization and the Developer Tab

Question: “Are Sitecore items serializable?”

Yes, for example, items are serialized when they are added to packages.

Also, there are serialization options on the Developer Tab.

The resulting files can be found under %siteroot%/data/serialization.

A blogpost from Alex DeGroot explains what the various commands do and more about serialization.


The Developer Tab is not displayed by default. To display it, right-click in the blank area next to the Tabs and the Ribbon and select “Developer”. You will see the serialization commands.

Another useful set of commands are ID and Path in the Show group. These commands will give you the Sitecore GUID or Content Tree path for the currently selected item. When you select one of the commands a dialog box will appear that prompts you to copy the information to the Windows Clipboard.

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